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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. 

I'm Drew "Hondo" Felder. I've been a bassist/composer/sound engineer for nearly 20 years...but i don't claim to be an expert!

In addition to music, I also love riding motorcycles, martial arts, Japanese animation, literature, and a myriad of other crap. I like danger and i'm compulsive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. My wife somehow deals with that, and is also a fantastic singer! i'm sure you'll hear/see some of her on the site. 

I started this site and the accompanying social media/sharing sites for fun, to be helpful, to have a reason to create more music, and to connect with people. I hope that my love of music and sincerity come through in everything you see me do. Feel free to connect with me over on the Connect page (seriously, not just saying that!). I'd love to hear from you and to know what i could do that could be more entertaining, or helpful.  

Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you keep coming back!   

P.S. the majority of the photography on my page was done by two fantastic photographers local to the North and South Bay area. Please check them out, follow on social media, and hit them up if you need great pictures taken:

Cerise Photography

KLG Photography

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