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Champion Leccy Sausage Fingers

OK…right off the bat; if you’re looking for a utilitarian pedal that you’re going to get a ton of use out of, this ain’t it, homie. BUT! If you’re looking for something a little unusual that will inspire you to do some weird s*** and give you an audience-surprising sound, the Sausage Fingers is the ticket!

This pedals rocks aesthetically AND sonically. Love this logo on the bottom!

This pedals rocks aesthetically AND sonically. Love this logo on the bottom!

Boring stuff: Build and Use

The build quality of the pedal is excellent. Nothing rattling around inside it like the QC inspector was asleep at the wheel when it came off the line. Speaking of the line, there is no line. These monstrosities are made to order.   

It’s a very cool looking pedal with unique hand drawn/acid etched art on each copy. On mine, the only downside of the dope aesthetic is the labeling. The words under each knob that are supposed to tell you what it does is fairly hard to read, even in ideal lighting.

Definitely can’t read that writing on stage…good thing it doesn’t really matter!

Definitely can’t read that writing on stage…good thing it doesn’t really matter!

The good news is; the words don’t make sense anyway! With words like “bone” and “lard” and “gristle” under the knobs, I doubt you’ll miss reading them while in the studio or on stage.  Here’s how Champion Leccy describes the controls:

Bone is your direct level, fully clockwise is just above parity. Lard is one octave below, it tracks better on bass than it does on guitar. Hair is the gain control for the direct level, but it also destabilises the octave. Meat is a mid boost for the octave, it really adds a lot of texture to the octave, making it sound less like a sine wave. Gristle is a switch for the synth hack, up is on, down is off. This will make your lower octave all square wavey. Span sets the gate of this lo-fi hack.
— Champion Leccy

This isn’t a pedal you’ll just pick up and nail a sound with. The knobs interact with each other significantly, and will overdrive your pre-amp/recording chain mighty fast if you don’t balance them out. That said, once you find a sound you like TAKE A PICTURE! I got a killer sound for a recent recording and for the life of me I haven’t been able to recreate it. I’m kicking myself in the ass over that right now…repeatedly.

Outside of that, there’s no battery power for this one, so you’ll have to grab a 9v adapter. The jack layout is as you would expect. The back of the pedal is flat, so it should be easy to drop onto any pedal board, and the size is just about average. Click/tap though the pics directly below for reference against my filthy EHX POG.


Fun stuff: Tone and Sound Samples

The sound this pedal puts out is abrasive, unpredictable, hard to manage, a nightmare for audio engineers…AND I LOVE IT! This is the type of pedal you kick on at a show and the audience loses their minds. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s very tricky to manage the gain staging on this bad boy, and I want you to hear what happens with the volume when you engage the pedal, so I’ll volume match all the pedal sounds and leave the dry sounds as is. This is an unusual pedal, so I’ll pick some of my favorite and most interesting tones to show off here. If there are any other variations or combinations you’d like to hear, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at I’d be glad to record something for you!

 My recording chain for all these clips is as follows:

Basses:                        Serek Basses Midwestern 5 with pickups balanced   

Pedals:                        Champion Leccy Sausage Fingers

DI Signal:                     Trickfish Bullhead .5k head DI

Amp Signal:                Trickfish TF208V cab mic’d with a Shure Beta 52 and Focusrite ISA One

AD/DA Conversion:    Lynx Hilo

Every clip is an equal blend of DI and Amp signal and phase aligned. Individual Amp and DI clips are available upon request!

NOTE: No tonal shaping was done to any of the clips. Limiting was applied to prevent clipping and boost volume, but that’s it.

Barely any effect, but sounds awesome.

Barely any effect, but sounds awesome.

Bone Only:

This is technically supposed to be just the dry signal, but as you can hear, there is definitely some drive in the sound up near what should be parity. I don’t know about you, but I really dig this sound!



 Hairy Bone:

Adding in just a little drive turns this into a magnificent rock overdrive sound. It breaks ups just enough to remind you there is some drive, but doesn’t suck the precious booty out of your tone.



Fuzzy Bone:

I know there’s some type of Bone Thugs in Harmony joke to be made here, but it escapes me. I’m ashamed. Such a missed opportunity…

Here is where things start to get fun! With a nice dose of hair, the tone turns into a mid heavy fuzz that can sit mighty nice in a raucous mix.

You may want to secure small hanging objects before playing with this one.

You may want to secure small hanging objects before playing with this one.


This setting gets you in the vibe of an OC-2, but like…if the OC-2 spent some time in the slammer, rode motorcyles, and did shots with bullets in them like the gangbangers in “The Crow.” A little meat tossed in really gives it some chewiness to go with the bloomy low end. Add to taste! Speaking of which

The Keto setting.

The Keto setting.

Maximum Taste:

I can see the Lard and Meat settings dimed blowing out some speakers, so do be careful. Rawk at your own risk. As you can hear that meat setting is something else in the all-important mids. No more getting buried in the mix behind those diva guitarists when you drop down an octave to bust some subs!

Starting to get mean!

Starting to get mean!

A little Column A, a Little Column B(ass):

Mixing in the Bone signal with the lard is where my favorite tones start to come out. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite bass sounds of all time is an octave down with some dry signal mixed in. This particular vibe of dry signal really adds to the meanness in the tone.


Ramping Up…:

OK, now we are cooking with the dry signal, the octave down, some mid boost, and some overdrive. This is the Kaio-ken technique of the Sausage Fingers. By the way, if you don’t get that reference, we can’t be friends…unless you want to be friends…in which case let’s be friends!

This is close to the “final form” (cue Frieza soundbyte) of the Sausage fingers. It’s almost at maximum rowdy, but still manageable as far as tracking and glitches are concerned.

Not quite 11, but close enough! This thing totally maxed out could definitely kill a full grown demigorgon though…

Not quite 11, but close enough! This thing totally maxed out could definitely kill a full grown demigorgon though…

No Turning Back:

Once the Gristle is engaged and the Span knob goes up, it’s time to buckle up kids. As you can hear, things start getting out of control with the Span at Noon. It only gets worse/better from there! I was going to record a sample with the Span maxed, but it’s midnight here and the clicks and pops were so loud and unpredictable I couldn’t risk a house call from the cops!


Real World Use:

So yea, this pedal sounds crazy and what not, but at this point I’d be asking: “Hondo, can you even use this thing in any kind of song?” The answer is an unequivocal and resounding YES! I had this pedal for about an hour prior before it starting inspiring me to write music. As a matter of fact, here’s a small clip of an upcoming tune that showcases this pedal for it’s balls-to-the-wallnessicity. Take a listen and let me know what you think!


This is a well built, great sounding pedal that can be your tonal secret weapon for recording or playing live. Like most good things, it will take some time and effort to get the best out of it, but oh boy is it worth it.

If you’re into pushing the boundaries of genres and bass tones, or if you’re looking for one pedal that has some great drive/boost with an octave as a bonus, I highly, highly recommend grabbing this pedal. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

If you’d like to see some more of this pedal in action, head over to my YouTube channel to check out the video review.

‘til next time. Take it easy!